Software Application Development

We build software that businesses can rely on to perfect their operations and add to the bottom line.

Life takes a positive turn when you optimise those business areas that create hurdles for you or your employees. Struggling with issues instead of addressing them is akin to throwing money down a bottomless well day in and day out. Resolve the hassle out of the equation; create space and freedom by maximising what you already have, is our forte.

We’ve reputation for the advanced skills, the people and the first-class management processes to deliver outstanding results, and the customer list and case studies to prove the same.

We’ve pioneered cutting edge systems for some of the most challenging clients’ demands around – voice recognition systems, shrink-wrapped products, motion capture software, three-factor authentication for banks, and much more.

We work with all major technologies and many more obscure ones. We’re also extremely skilled at mobile and website development and as such we can advise on and implement the whole technology picture for your business.

We get under the skin of your business and aim to become a trusted technology partner, rather than merely a supplier.

We’ve worked with a variety of businesses on a wide range of projects. We’re even partners for other software development agencies and IT suppliers, providing our skills in systems design, coding, user experience and user interface design to help them meet their clients’ exacting standards.

S&N Technologies technical team is as proficient in developing with Microsoft technologies as they are in any other – deliberately choosing not to favour one specific platform over another, for maximum flexibility. Each project is dealt with the same professional care and flair, ensuring the highest levels of project management and intelligent functionality.

We are competent to take a project from a blank sheet of paper to a fully-functioning system or can work on existing systems to improve their functionality, usability and reliability.

We’ve successfully worked on complex bespoke CRM systems for UK Ecommerce companies.

Besides complete end-to-end software development, S&N Technologies has also earned reputation as a dependable outsourcing partner for development agencies and IT sectors. We have years of experience in developing and managing sizeable software applications, as well as ability to pull together expert teams at shortest notice.

We’re only happy to discuss your requirements at length and help you find the most suitable, scalable and affordable solution for your business needs. If you’d like to discuss your software needs please contact us.